Monday, November 30, 2009

Natural Woman Chapter 2c

Zehira couldn't believe the time - it was 2 am. They had practically spent the night at Kara's. She put away her leftover loot, which consisted of macaroni and cheese, potato salad, greens, chicken wings both fried and barbecued and a couple of cream cheese-filled and topped carrot cake cupcakes, all of which she had to fight the temptation of eating right there on the spot.

After leaving the kitchen she glanced at the table where her Notebook sat, and seemed to be calling her name. On top of the computer was the business card that Vince had given her and she thought about how she agreed to check out his blog. "Well, it is surely too late or early to call him now. I'll check out his blog later and give him a call then," she thought.

Zehira decided to take a quick shower before jumping into her bed. Again she had to smile at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was really pleased with her hair. Out of routine, she reached for her shower cap and then stopped in motion. "I guess I wont be using you too often," she said aloud and smiled leaving the shower cap in its place on the hook.

After her shower, Zehira added a small amount of the Oyin Whipped Butter to her damp hair. Before getting into bed, she grabbed her journal and pen off of the nightstand and climbed in.

Friday Evening Journal Entry...

My big chop was a success! It went better than I could have possibly imagined. I wish I would have done it sooner! I have India.Arie's I Am Not My Hair and the sweet scent of Oyin's Juices and Berries lingering in my head. All of the girls seemed to like it. Lauryn even managed to give me a compliment, although through clenched teeth - smile.

Met a nice gentlemen on the train today and we had a wonderful conversation and lunch. Today was a great day!.

Zehira closed her journal and placed it and the pen on the nightstand. She gave her hair a little pat and pulled on her satin bonnet. She reached up and turned off the light and went to sleep.


Zehira felt the warm stream of sunlight pouring through the slits in the blinds and caressing her skin. As she sat up and stretched her arms above her head she glanced over at the clock on her nightstand. "9:58!" Zehira shouted out loud at the clock. She scrambled out of bed and reached for her phone, then stopped in motion. "I'm sure Kara has already left her house," she thought. And not a second later, she heard a knock at her door. "Great," Zehira said aloud as she made her way to her living room.

Zehira unlocked the door and let Kara in. "Um, we are supposed to be going out to the market then lunch today right?" Kara asked as she admired Zehira's bedroom attire. "Just give me a few minutes," Zehira responded and dashed into her bedroom. "That's what happens when you hang out at all hours of the night," Kara joked as she walked over and sat down. "Who you tellin'," Zehira called out from the bedroom. "I had a feeling you would be sleeping - all that food you gobbled down, so I came prepared. Take your time," Kara responded as she pulled out a magazine.

No more than 30 mins later they were walking side-by-side outside heading toward the farmer's market. "I still can not get over your hair," Kara said as she paused and looked up at Zehira's puff now accented with a silk flower. "I thought it would take me awhile to get used to, but I love it. You know it would have taken me twice the time to get done if you would have came by last week and I wasn't ready," Zehira responded. "I know, I didn't even get the chance to read through the entire magazine," Kara agreed.

Zehira loved going to the farmer's market with Kara, although she herself did not cook much, she liked to watch Kara's techniques on picking out the freshest fruits, vegetables and produce. She even used some of the techniques herself when she shopped at the grocery store - smelling, and thumping fruits - not really knowing what she was doing, but getting approving smiles and nods from the older shoppers and produce workers was great.

As they approached the market Kara pulled out a long list. "Looks like you're about to go on a spree," Zehira said. "Darius and I are catering a church luncheon tomorrow, so he asked me to pickup some things," Kara responded. They moved meticulously through the other market shoppers and did their usual dance of Kara examining, purchasing and checking off items, while Zehira studied her moves and carried the bags. Ever so often Kara would pause to explain a certain technique or hold a piece of fruit under Zehira's nose and quiz her on its freshness.

Zehira also spotted a vendor selling jars of shea butter, which she read on the blogs as being great for moisturizing and bought a couple of them. As they approached their final table, Zehira felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked back and found herself staring at a man's shoulder. When she looked up she saw Vince smiling down at her, "Hey pretty lady," he said. "Hello," Zehira responded surprised to had run into him at the market.

Zehira, I want you to check out this ...," started Kara until she spotted Vince. "Vince, she squealed, I can't believe it..." "K, what's up?" Vince interrupted and walked past Zehira, to give her a hug, lifting her off her feet. "How's Darius? What have you guys been up to? You two still cooking up that delicious food?" Vince asked all in one breath as they separated from their embrace and he lowered her back to the ground.

"He's doing well. We are in the catering business, and obviously we're both still cooking," Kara laughed as she tried to answer all of his questions in the order he asked them. "Well, that's good to hear," Vince continued. "I see you still hang out at the markets just like the old days," he continued. "The old days?," Zehira finally interjected. "Oh, I am so sorry," Kara began. "Vince, this is one of my good friends..." "Zehira, Vince finished her sentence and smiled. "Excuse me," Kara said as she looked at them slowly from one to the other. "I see you two have already met," she added while smiling, with eyebrows raised.

"Oh, wait a minute," she continued. "Is this Lauryn's 'surprise man' from the other night?" Kara's question broke Zehira's gaze, "Yep -- I mean no, we'll you know what I mean," she responded. "What's this surprise man all about?" Vince asked curiously. "Well, after we drop these things off at my condo, we will tell you all about it over lunch," Kara said as she walked off to make her final purchase.

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