Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Natural Woman Chapter 2a

Zehira decided to put off her shopping until after lunch. Vince suggested that they should have lunch in the shopping district so she would not stray too far from her plans. As they sat looking over the lunch menu, simultaneously both of their cell phones began to buzz.

"Excuse me," Vince said, locating his phone first, pulling it out of his shirt pocket. Again, Zehira had to fish hers out of her tote bag. She rolled her eyes up to the ceiling when she saw Lauryn's name, but knew she'd better answer because knowing Lauryn she would call a million more times if she didn't. "Hello," Zehira answered. "Where are you now? Lauryn asked. "Well, Mom, I'm actually about to grab something to eat," Zehira responded. "Well, are you ready to tell me about your surprise? Lauryn asked.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, now would it? Zehira responded. "Z, you know I should not be the last to know. You could at least give me a hint," Lauryn pushed. Whomever Vince was talking to said something on the other end that made him laugh out loud, and before Zehira could respond to her question Lauryn asked in one breath, "Who is that laughing?" I thought you said you were about to grab some lunch. Isn't that a man I hear? Is he my surprise?"

Zehira couldn't help but to laugh out loud herself, Lauryn was practically yelling into the phone - she was surely getting some stares from he co-workers. "Girl, calm down. You better get back to work. And no, I am not giving you a hint. Yes that is a man you hear and 'he' is definitely not 'your' surprise," Zehira laughed. But right now I am being rude, so I really have to go," she added. Zehira knew that Lauryn would not let her go that easily. "I can't believe this, Z. The least you could do is snap a picture of him and send it to me real quick. Who is he anyway?" Lauryn went on.

"I promise I will call you back and tell you everything. I really think you should get back to work." "I am not hanging up this ..." Lauryn began. "...Well, I will most certainly be waiting for your response," she continued in a professional tone. Again, Zehira knew this meant that her supervisor was on the prowl. "Okay, I will get back to you soon," Zehira responded. "You better," Lauryn whispered and the call ended. Zehira looked up and noticed that Vince had finished his call. "I'm sorry about that." Did you decide what you are going to order?" Zehira asked while putting her phone back into her bag.

Over lunch they fell back into a comfortable rhythm of conversation. As the waiter placed the check on the table both Zehira and Vince reached for it. "I can take care of it," Zehira said. "Oh, Miss Independent, I'm sure you can. Anyway, I was just reaching for it to slide it over to you," Vince said. Both Zehira and Vince laughed. "No seriously I'll get it this time, and you can get it next time. This way I get a guarantee that there will be a next time," Vince smiled. "Okay, you got a deal," Zehira responded before she realized she had agreed t go out on a date with the man she met on the train.

Before they left the restaurant Vince and Zehira exchanged business cards. Vince flipped his over and jotted down his blog address. "If you don't get in too late from your book club dinner tonight, I would like you to check out my blog, hopefully I should have it updated by then, " Vince said. "I just might dedicate today's entry to the lady I met on the train," Vince added as he reached for Zehira's hand. "Okay, now you have got me really interested," Zehira said.

"Well it was nice meeting you Queen Zehira," Vince said as he gently squeezed Zehira's hand. "It was nice meeting you too, Prince Vince," Zehira laughed. "Prince - that's all I get is Prince?" Vince laughed. "If you really do get a chance to check out the blog and your not too tired, give me a call and tell me what you think," Vince said as he released her hand. "Okay, I will," Zehira responded. "And if I don't hear from you tonight, I'll be calling to set up my free dinner," he added as he turned to walk toward the train station.

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